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Yingli panda component has become the first double power generation certification product in photovoltaic industry

In December 28th, "the first double-powered product certification and Yingli Kam Heng depth strategic cooperation" photovoltaic industry news conference held in Beijing, the Yingli Green Energy Holding Co's "Panda" N type double power PV Beijing Certification Center (CGC) issued by the industry's first double-powered product certification, Yingli has become the world's first get double power products certified enterprises. At the same time, Yingli's photovoltaic materials and Technology National Key Laboratory and authentication authentication center (CGC) to achieve strategic cooperation in depth research and development, and promote efficient photovoltaic products research and development, promotion and popularization of applications.

Beijing Heng Heng Certification Center's "pacemaker" advanced technology, product certification, focusing on the technology of advanced and reliability evaluation. In accordance with the basic mode of Kam Heng "type test + + technical review after obtaining the certificate of supervision", certified testing and certification personnel in key performance indicators of the N type double sided Yingli PV module and the quality stability and the level of process control and process control equipment, detection ability, the stability of product quality, quality management such aspects are outstanding performance, the positive battery conversion efficiency, conversion efficiency, positive component component double-powered gain rate reached A+, reached the leading level, more than the requirements of advanced technology leader "plan.

It is worth mentioning that, the test method for the first time completed the double certification of photovoltaic power generation products, and the component double power generation gain rate of scientific definition, has been included in the scale authentication technical specifications. It is reported that the component double power generation gain rate refers to the increase of the maximum output power under the specific operation and testing conditions, with the maximum power output of the component front as the base, the power generation at the front and the back.

It is reported that the International Photovoltaic Technology Roadmap (ITRPV) predicts that the N monocrystalline silicon battery ratio will increase from about 7% in 2016 to about 30% in 2022. Experts pointed out that the introduction of dual power batteries and components, will further lead the development of technology and promote industrial upgrading.

According to reports, in the field of N type single crystal double-sided high efficiency batteries, Yingli through the "Panda" technology production, becoming the world's first large-scale production of N single crystal double sided high efficiency battery manufacturers. Yingli "Panda" products R & D since the beginning of 2009 so far, the full range of upgrades in technology upgrading, material composition, version of the design, packaging and transportation etc., positive efficiency of a new generation of panda battery can reach 21.5%, the back power efficiency can reach more than 90% positive, similar technology leading industry. The use of a new generation of "Panda" battery production PANDA Bifacial series photovoltaic module (60 batteries) in the optimized system installation site, on the back of positive electricity components contribute to 10% - 30%, the actual power of more than 380W, the equivalent component efficiency reached 24.5%, the cost can be reduced by more than 25%, to accelerate the realization of solar energy photovoltaic grid parity has a very positive role in promoting.

At the meeting, Yingli also signed a strategic agreement with China Power Construction Group, Guizhou engineering company and Shanghai Kai Shi Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and reached cooperation on N type high-efficiency solar energy products, equipment and market applications.