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Photovoltaic industry to greet rush loaded tide component is hard to find

Trina Solar group, vice president of global sales, has been out of work for days on end.

Recently, he has received more than ten dozen visiting clients at his office in Changzhou headquarters almost every day. People come together with the same purpose, that is, as much as possible to buy some components of the day. Although the latter is full and overloaded, orders are still too late to be delivered.

"In the past, customers will call, and now do not call directly.". I can point some customers to see sales leadership heart; some customers are really anxious, because not get components, where projects can only work; some customers see the market is going, so hot components will follow the trend of grab the goods." Printed with a wry smile on the Zhengbao reporter said.

Such a scene is not unique to trina. Reporters last week survey of domestic photovoltaic enterprises to understand, in the grid node (i.e. industry subsidy policy in June 30th, commonly known as the "6 - 30") on the occasion of the upcoming PV installed grab tide struck again, the major manufacturers have full production, assembly has a hard to find.

Hot market suddenly

In May 17th, located in Changzhou Tianhe Road Trina Solar factory gate, originally broad straight road from the outside of the two lane on the end to end the parked vehicle is slightly narrow colored. These two have become open-air parking lot on the driveway, parking all is the car of day employee and client, one eye cannot see end - current market is hot see.

Into the plant within a component assembly workshop, the scene also confirms the above conjecture: I saw from welding, lamination, laminated to the pipeline, framing test and packaging are very busy, machine rumbling roar giant mechanical hand waving as one falls, another rises, maneuvers in the air. In some has not yet fully automated processes such as stack welding and connection box welding line, assembly workers were skilled hands, speed fast, action, no less than the machine.

It is understood that the workshop can be assembled 5600 components a day, is now full load in operation.

"This year's" 6. 30 "is more serious than last year, and the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent." India Rong Fang told reporters, because many projects this year are indicators in August last year, time is short, there are not many conditions, resulting in very rapid progress, even in April did not form large-scale shipments. But each component manufacturer also does not prepare the stock because of the previous stage silicon material rise in price, the cost high.

But from the end of April, the beginning of May, the market suddenly blowout, "because the policy clearly some items must be in the" 6 - 30 "before the completion to get subsidies from the beginning of the May to June 15th this period of time the market is in serious shortage. At present, the overall market supply is only 7, 8 GW, and hope the grid up to 15 GW capacity."

He disclosed that the company is no longer in the Chinese market orders, because the two quarter has no capacity, three, the fourth quarter, some of the long list in hand, the overall orders plump.

The domestic hot market and Shanghai, changing the story, make India Rong Fang -- who work too busy to attend to all day long up to 16 hours.

Another veteran photovoltaic company in Jiangyin, Hareon, is also full of production recently. Qiu Xin, vice president of the company told Zhengbao reporter that the company's order has been ranked 8, September, the prices are basically locked.

In recent years, the new integrated components: A new force suddenly rises. GCL (002506, shares) CEO Dong Shuguang Zhengbao in an interview with reporters said, the company recently also full production, the entire two quarter sales booming, the market has been unpopular than expected.

"This year's" 6. 30 "came later than usual. Originally thought that after the Lantern Festival began stocking, because last year many enterprises lack of preparation that this year will advance to grab installed, but until the end of March the market began to heat up, now is a hard to find components. There are a large number of people to ask whether we can give goods every day, some is to list out of luck don't come home, some is on the market is expected to change." Dong Shuguang says.

He said, after all, before the market structure is not changed, capacity is greater than demand, so the industry generally believe that the imbalance between supply and demand in this year's "6 - 30" no, but did not think so hot, the "6 - 30" not only before the tension between supply and demand, the price is very strong.