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Outdoor barbecue activities, cohesion team strength

In May 28, 2016, Liuzhou assembly employees in the Ministry of personnel carefully arranged, organized a barbecue, in order to create a positive corporate culture, enrich employees sports activities, enhance the communication between employees, improve their physical quality, enhance the company cohesion of employees.

The barbecue site for tribute Lake Bay Wetland, located in the south side of Taihu metro, close to Taihu, is a beautiful scenery, clear water quality, biological diversity, ecosystem health and harmony of human and nature wetland park.

Come to the park, the green before, and everywhere full of vitality, we take off the heavy coat, greet the warm sunshine, feel the natural smell. The distance of the lawn, we cooperate, wash dishes, in knots, stringing, fire, cooking, everybody busy awfully soon, it is everything in good order and well arranged, smelled the fragrance. Laughter with wisps of smoke lingering in the air, everyone eating all kinds of food personally baked, chatting with a variety of interesting, he encountered in the work and life enjoyable, in early spring green, leisurely enjoy the fun of outdoor barbecue.

After the barbecue, we rent a bicycle and enjoy the beautiful scenery here and breathe the spring breath. The ducks in the lake, the egrets in the sky, the carefully constructed trees, meadows, flowers, everything is fascinating! Standing on the lake looked away, winding the Taihu levee, the blue Taihu features a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, lake with pale blue sky, the sunset sprinkled on the lake, a step king, everywhere can paint.

As the sun went down, we packed up all our belongings and prepared for the return journey. Along the way humming a ditty, laughing in the end of the barbecue tour.

The outdoor barbecue activities to promote corporate culture to enrich the staff Ding Xinsheng, amateur cultural life, promote the communication between everyone, enhance the friendship between people, between friends and colleagues show the fraternity of team spirit, at the same time, harvest health and more happiness, add to our work and life!