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Fire evacuation drills help safety production

In order to make all employees understand the basic knowledge of fire protection, improving safety awareness, enhance self-protection ability, grasp the skills to escape strain, emergency fire, evacuation and fire processing society orderly personnel and property, ensure the safety of employees and assets of the company; in March 15, 2017, Suzhou Dingxin Sheng new energy equipment Co. Ltd. organized a full combat fire drill.

The entire fire drill by the company personnel manager Jiang Qi as commander in charge, is responsible for fire drills organization and command. The drills were divided into four groups: the guard group, the evacuation group, the fire suppression group and the rescue group.

On the morning of 09:00 -10:00, the security officer issued a fire alarm signal. The working group exercises quickly in the hear instruction, in place, participated in the training of staff in the shortest possible time, in the workshop, the office and the exit, the password plus gesture command staff orderly evacuation from the specified route; all the staff at the scene, quickly ordered to evacuate to safe areas.

Fire drills are conducted in an orderly and tense manner in accordance with a predetermined plan. The evacuation is in place, the staff in the company before the collection of open front, the statistics of the inventory of personnel. Later, the personnel manager guides the security guards and drills with dry powder fire extinguishers for on-site fire fighting.

After the end of the exercise, the commander for all the staff of the fire safety emergency operation and fire escape skills to explain, teach you to master the event of fire, everyone should do what, how to correct the alarm, rescue, evacuation, rescue and escape to. Finally, the commander of the fire drill made a summary for the drill results gave full affirmation and praise the staff command, quick action, ask you to further enhance the sense of responsibility for production safety, announced the successful fire drill.

Through the fire drill, fire drills in personnel security awareness and fire extinguishing ability has been enhanced, all employees have a further understanding of the fire safety knowledge, ability against fire has been improved. In the process of fire drill, the organizing ability, command ability and emergency response ability of the teams are also improved.