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I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy

To further enrich their life style, showing the employees of the company spirit, so that employees work and rest, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, cultivate their sense of belonging to the enterprise and sense of honor, in October 2016, Liuzhou components of the motor will be officially opened.

The sports meet has relay, rope skipping, stroke and tug of war events, a total of more than 100 staff from 6 departments to participate. Interesting rules and relay competitions allow the venue to refuel continuously. The players struggled forward to gain more time for the players. These games let us see the tacit understanding of cooperation, unity and cooperation, unremitting spirit of cooperation.

Jumping rope and tug of war are the most noticeable in the match. Unlike single rope skipping, collective rope skipping is added to the difficulty of the game. The game requires players to line up continuously from a rope who ran to shake the rope and skip, from another rope behind around repeat the previous action, the entire running jump process to form a figure of 8, three minutes, the jump times more for victory. This is not only a test of the physical strength of the players, but also a high degree of speed and skills.

The other side of the arena, the tug of war also began immediately, the warriors were eager for a fight, eager. When the game whistle sounded, each team showed the strongest lineup, hands clasped together, a long rope, the rope will be exhausted all efforts to their party leaders and staff also were cheering for the players. The team members will show their indomitable will and spirit of struggle.

After a day of intense competition, the top three events were won, with a total of 15 awards. The personnel department of the company presented prizes to the teams. The staff worked hard to race out of level, race out of style, more out of the tournament. Ding Xinsheng team.

The games are not only the level of athletic competition, but also the competition of wisdom, ability and character. It is a great parade of team spirit and individual spirit. Ding Xinsheng all staff will stir up in the games of passion into great power of dedication, hard work, hard work, and provides the spiritual guarantee for the company's four quarter production tasks completed successfully!